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Morris 23.5mm x 1000mm Extra Long HSS Twist Drill

Part Number:2800-ET23.51000
Sub Brand:Morris Long Drills
Diameter (mm):23.5
Flute Length (mm):89
Shank (mm):16
Shank Length (mm):1000
Shank Fitment:3 Flats
Equivalent No.:ET23.51000

About this item:
  • 118º notched point with 30º helix.
  • Notched point is a variation on the standard chisel point, providing faster starting and reduced drill wander.
  • 118º point angles are ideal for use in materials such as mild steel and cast iron.
  • The 118º point creates easily controlled chips which are wide and thin.
  • Bordo reduced shank HSS drills are ground and then a black finish is achieved by steam tempering, a thermal process resulting in a porous tool coating.
  • This surface aids chip flow and heat dissipation.
  • The drill is then ground a second time to achieve a bright finish on the shank and cutting edges.